About The Designer

Razan Suliman, a self-taught graphic designer based in Doha; founder and owner of the successful brand “FanillaCouture”. She has been a prominent player in the creative industry ever since she introduced her label in 2011. Despite having studied information technology, her passion for graphic design made her consider a total career shift and was a reason for a successful designing career to last. She carved her way into the creative world by learning graphic design all by herself becoming one of the top fashion designers in Doha & across Gulf.

FanillaCouture collections bring the best combination of being both classic and chic. Razan personifies Arabic pop culture and fashion iconography in her trendy matchless designs where her philosophy is to preserve the Arabic culture with a hint of fashion. Her exceptional mix of cultural elements, vivid colors, and high quality fabrics coupled with her endless enthusiasm and pleasant personality is the reason behind the brand’s outstanding performance.

Since the brand’s launch, FanillaCouture has managed to be a fashion statement label and get the applause of many fashionistas across the Gulf. Starting every collection is a journey rather than a process where the inspiration for a new theme can arise from a thought, an exulted moment or any surrounding simple detail that touches the designer’s heart. Razan’s profound love for Arabic culture and fashion plays a pivotal role in being her main source of inspiration. She utilizes various cultural elements in her amazing collections which later translate into trend setter designs.

Having so much passion for design, the brand expanded from t-shirts now to include Kaftans, dresses, modern galabias, Travel kimonos, sweat pants, sweaters, hoodies, passport covers, mobile covers and much more. Currently the brand is being displayed in Doha at Hamad International airport, 51 East stores, the Gate mall and Boutique Muscat. Her next big dream is to showcase FanillaCouture on an international level and see westerners wearing clothes that reflect the Arabic rich culture.


About The Brand

Mission Statement:

FanillaCouture brand is a fashion ready to wear t-shirts' brand dedicated to providing its customers with high quality clothes that impedes with rich Arabic gulf culture. FanillaCouture main focus is restoring the gulf culture and preserving it for the coming generations making use of all its detailed elements in an overall fashion looking unparalleled design.

Company Overview:

FanillaCouture is a Qatari brand that was established by the business woman Razan Suliman in 2011. The company activity started by producing t-shirts and has successfully been a prominent player in the creative industry ever since its launch. Ms. Suliman has launched the company out of her genuine passion for design coupled with a great intention to preserve the Arabic gulf culture and showcase its beauty. After being an Internet based business where all the selling took place on Instagram and WhatsApp, now FanillaCouture is displayed in the most premium outlets in Doha including Hamad International airport, 51 East and the Gate mall.

FanillaCouture has launched a total of 9 collections since its launch where each collection of them managed to beat the success of the preceding one. In 2014 FanillaCouture business flourished where the brand introduced the first men’s Collection in Ramadan taking the brand to another level of exposure and showcasing Razan’s passion for Arabic rich culture and Gulf heritage.