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A Closer Look at Fanilla-Couture


One of her favorite designers whom she got inspired by is Andy Warhol. According to her, she learned graphic design the hard way, and burned the midnight oil in an effort to achieve all this success. That's mainly why she aims to inspire and support any girl who has a dream, but doesn’t know how to reach it or where to start from. She also hopes one day Fanilla-Couture will be a label recognized worldwide.

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Fanilla Couture. This Saudi born Designer transformed her obsession for T-shirts into a successful fashion label. Here she talks to ABODE about herself and her latest Ramadan collection.

Ohlala! Qatar December 2014 by Ohlala! Qatar - issuu


“I want Fanilla Couture to be a brand that encourages Westerners to be more interested in our culture.”